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The high light of many church youth groups is the Summer Mission Trip.  Minn-I-Kota Youth supports and promotes several mission trips.  

Some of the trips that are most popular to the supporting churches are through Youth Unlimited. These are the "Serve" trips that can be found by clicking on the Youth Unlimited tab at the top of our HomePage or by going to and clicking on their "Serve Mission Trips" tab.

Another option would be to check out Immerse Lincoln which can also be found at the top of our Home Page.  Immerse is facilitated by two of the Heartland Classis supporting churches-F Street Church and the Northern Light House both in Lincoln, NE. Check out this promo video at .  

RISE Ministry in Sheldon IA also has a mission trip option called RISE on the Road.  This trip is to Chicago, Ill and is hosted by the church of the Salvation Army.  For more information check this option out at .

The Prairie Serve is one of Youth Unlimited's Serve Sites.  This is a Site that is dear to MIK Youth because MIK has been on the planning team since it's beginning in 2014. It is also dear to MIK because it involves several of our supporting churches.  Our Host church is Sergeant Bluff, IA Friendship Community Church (Heartland Classis).  During the week long Serve we work side by side with the SiouxLand Unity Lao Church in Sioux City (Heartland Classis and supported by Iakota Classis) helping facilitiate their summer VBS and helping with building or construction projects. We also spend time with the Winnebago Reformed Church during this week. At the conclusion of the week we take a day/night trip through SD to Wounded Knee ending up at the Badlands.  During this day/night trip a pot luck supper and an overnight stay is held at Lakeview CRC in Valentine, NE (Iakota Classis) before everyone parts ways and heads back home. 

RYS Convention.  This year's Convention 2019 will be held July 22-26 on the beautiful campus of Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH, Lord willing. The theme is on Total Life Assurance from Romans 8:31. Day away: Kings Island or the National Airfare Museum. Registration usually has to be in around April 1. For more infomation go to their website and check them out on their Facebook page