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The library includes many authors in the Youth World.  Here is just a sample.  Feel free to contact Lee De Groot to talk about a resource/topic you would like to look at and/or research.  Perhaps we can recommend a resource or we  already have it on hand and if not, perhaps it is one that can be purcahsed and have sent direct to you "on borrow".  When your group is finished with it just send it back to the MIK Youth office at:  Minnikota Youth Network~%Lee De Groot~1121 Elm Street~Hull, IA 51239

Love Does-Bob Goff

Not a Fan-Kyle Idleman

Life Choices-To Save A Life Movie Set 

Sticky Faith-Kara Powell/Brad Griffon

Can I Ask That 1 & 2-Brad Griffon/Jim Candy

Crazy Love-Francis Chan

Surrender-Francis Chan

Courage-Francis Chan

Sustainable Youth Ministry-Mark De Vries

First Two Years in Youth Ministry-Doug Fields

Generation Change-Dave Ramsey

Everybody Always-Bob Goff


And many many more books, dvd sets, and many faith based movies.