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Minn-I-Kota Youth Networking Noons are held at noon once a month during the school year: August, September, Ocotober, November, January, February, March, April, and May.  We skip the months of December, June, and July. The purpose of this networking noon is for reconnecting, encouragement, prayer, and to bounce ideas off each other.  Because this is a noon meeting it is geared toward paid Youth Pastors/Directors/Leaders of the surrounding area, however, anyone in Youth Ministry is invited.  Please, let MIK Youth know if you'd like to be added to this email list.  We schedule them according to the majority availablility: usually landing on a Monday.  The location is every other month Sioux Center, Sioux Falls, Sioux Center, Sioux Falls.  If you feel there is a need for this kind of Networking noon in your area please contact the MIK Youth Coordinator and we will set it up. 



Minn-I-Kota Youth Networking Nights are held upon request.  If your local church youth leaders would like a night of encouragement and prayer contact the MIK Youth Coordinator.  She will promote this as a cluster meeting to all your local church youth leaders.  She will arrange a meeting place, provide pizza at your church or reserve a room at a centrally located restaurant  with the meal being a treat from MIK Youth.  This is a meeting where like minds can bounce ideas around, schedule upcoming events together, encouage one another, and be in prayer together.  Contact the MIK Youth Coordinator if you are interested in a Networking Night.