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The Minn-I-Kota Youth Network Leaders' Retreat has been changing over the years to accomodate the ever changing lives of our regional paid Youth Staff and the volunteer Youth Leaders.  For that reason this event is now a 28 hour retreat that is facilitated through a partnership between MIK Youth and Inspiration Hills Retreat Center outside of Inwood, IA.  This retreat is held at Inspiration Hills in the Fall from a Friday afternoon until early evening Saturday.  We try to keep these 28 hours low key with an even amount of time spent in retreating, learning, networking, and praise & worship.  This event is open to paid Youth Staff and volunteer Youth Leaders from all the MIK Youth supporting churches. In addition, many regional RCA paid Youth Staff and their volunteer Youth Leaders take part in this Leaders' Retreat. This truly is a valuable experince as we spend a lot of time in Prayer and Networking!