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Minn-I-Kota Youth has a library that runs on the honor system.  On the shelves there are DVD kit lessons, games, devotions, books for students and leaders, books on tough topics and books that will inspire. If MIK doesn't have it on their shelf they will order it for you.  The beautiful thing about our library is that there is no money out of your youth group budget.  MIK owns the materials and borrows it out to the Youth Groups.  If you live at a distance from the MIK office we will send it to you or have it shipped direct if ordering it new.  When your group is finished either send it back to the MIK Youth address or the Youth Coordinator will make arrangements to get it back on the shelf for the next group to use.

MIK Youth also has lessons that have been written over the years by leaders and coordinators that are on this website under the Resources Lessons tab.  

If you would like to have a night of games there are many on the shelves as well....including Jenga, giant Jenga, Tensies (up to 40 sets), giant Checkers, 9 Square in the Air, 2 sets of dodge balls,  and much more.